Monthly Archives: May 2006

Beautiful sea /Shirahama Ohama Beach

060530bluesea01_1Today it was a really beautiful day !!

Besides it was very hot, the sun gave us great sunshine.

When my wife, son and I went to Shimoda, I took this picture at the bus stop "Shirahama Kaigan" with my son, Yuuki.

While I was taking a picture he cried "Umi, umi !!"many times. "Umi" means "Sea". 

Then I show you the picture of today’s beach. …

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See Crab in Shirahama

060524cravering01_1Today it is 3rd day for the students from the United States.

This morning I went to the beach to get crabs with students, professor and his assistant.

Of course this is a first time for them to get crabs by bamboo stick, but when we started it one of them caught the crab at first. ……

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Exploring and Sea caving at Shirahama beach

060522seacaving01_1From yesterday, the students who came from the United States are staying at Sakuraya.

Today, on a second day, they had Exploring and Sea caving at Shirahama beach.

So I got into their exploring in this afternoon.

They started to walk from south area of the beach.

In this picture the professor are explaining about the sea animals and the other things on the rock….

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Jasmine Festival at Ryosenji Temple

060519jasmine01_1Today It was rainny day but I went to "Ryosenji Temple" in Shimoda, and I found a lot of flowers blooming.

Now "Jasmine Festival" is taking place in this temple, and about 1,000 trees of Jasmine are blooming on both side of a small path.

From today "Black Ship Festival" is held in Shimoda city, so many foreigners were in the city…..

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