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Let’s go to the beach!! – – Izu Shirahama Ohama Beach

090531children02"OK! Let’s go to buy icecream!"

Today it was Sunday and my children didn’t go to the school.

It was holiday for my children and they might had been relaxed, but my son Yuuki was boring and asked us to play with him.

So I decided to go to the super market to buy the icecream and we ate it on the beach.

It was sunny and hot today.

That’s why the icecream made my children happy!!

What’s that? – – Shimoda, Shirahama

090529monkey01I sometimes find some kinds of animals around our Pension.
They are squirrel, racoon dog, wild boa and so on.

Today, when I was cleaning our guest room I found something walking on the road in front of our building.

Do you know that?

Yes, it’s a monkey.

They sometimes come to our feild and eat vegetables and fruits because they can’t get the foods in the mountain and may be hungry.

But there is no problem. Because they go into the forest immediatly when they find out us.

Warning!! – – Shirahama, Shimoda

090528rain01Last night I was checking the weather forcast as usual and it said that it would be rainy and windy tomorrow.

Actually we had a strong wind with a rain in Shirahama.
And the weather report said us the strong wind and heavy rain today.

When I took this picture I could not hold my camera because of wind.

My son was surprised at the big crabs!

090518beach01Today it was sunny in the morning after 3 days in Shimoda.
When I was cleaning the gurest room I could see the beautiful blue sea through the window.
I wanted to take a picture soon but waited for my son finished the pre-school.

After picking my son up at the pre-school we went to the beach in the afternoon, but it became cloudy and could not take a picture of the gorgeous sea at last.

When we were playing on the beach my friends came and showed us it.

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Shirahama Beach in the Morning

090514shirahama01I took this picture at 7:20 AM.

As usualy I walked with my children some part of the way to their school and went to the beach again this morning.

It was sunny but there were clouds in the sky.

The sun light was coming through the clouds and it looked like a curtain.

Blue sky in Shirahama on May 8th

090508sky01In the moring it was a cloudy but it became sunny in the afternoon today.

I could not go to the beach today because we were very busy, but I think there were some people on the beach.

The weather forcast says that it will be sunny tomorrow and the temperature will be 28 degrees.

Wao! I love the heat and look forward to tomorrow.