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2013/08/28 Thank you for staying!

130828couple01They came from Germany and stayed at Sakuraya for 5 nights.

It was a 4th time for us to meet them, and they stay for 5 or 6 nights every time.

Actually we have some customers who came again as a second time, but there is nobody came for the 4th time.

We really appreciate it very much.


130828wine01By the way they gave us a wonderful present.

These are German wine and Austrian ice wine. Last year they sent us these wines after staying and we loved them very much.

We are really looking forward to drinking them after busy season.

Thank you very much for staying with us and wonderful presents.



2013/08/27 Shirahama Beach today

130827beach01I asked my daughter to take a picture of the sea, because she went to Shimoda for shopping.

This picture was taken on the top of mountain behind Pension Sakuraya.

There were still a lot of people on the beach at the end of August.

The beautiful blue sea is waiting for you!!

2013/08/24 Thank you for staying and presents!!

130824family01They came from Brooklyn in New York and stayed
for 3 nights.

It had been almost sunny and they went to the beach every
day for swimming.

Thank you for staying with us.

By the way, when they checked in they gave us presents.



These are MAST BROTHERS CHOCOLATE which are very popular in New York in these days.

It was a first time for me to see and eat the
chocolate with "Chili Peppers"!!

Of course it's sweet, but it's not
only spicy but also very hot!!

Thank you for these presents!!

2013/08/19 There is no jellyfish (aurelia) in Shirahama.

130819beach03Our customers sometimes ask me,

"Do you have jellyfishes there?"

My answer is "No".

I don't know why, but there is no jellyfish "Aurelia" here in Shirahama even after the middle of August.

But the other kind of jellyfish called "physalia" is driven by the strong south west wind to the sea in Izu peninsula once several years.

If you find out this blue jellyfish, don't touch it!


The water temperature is usually getting higher and higher this month, so why don't you come to Shirahama?

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