Monthly Archives: June 2018

2018/06/25 Summer Beach!

I took these pictures on the way to Shimoda for shopping.

Though we are still now in the rainy season, it was sunny and very hot like summer here in Shimoda.

Of course there were some people with swim wear on the beach.

Hope the rainy season would be finished soon!

2018/06/24 Thank you for staying…

They are from Los Angeles in the United States and come to Japan once every year.

This year they came to Izu peninsula by rental car from Tokyo and stayed with us for one night.

After check out they went to the aquarium and will stay 2 more night in Shimoda city.

It had been rainy during their staying in Shirahama, but it will be sunny tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. So they will be able to go to the beach during their stay in Shimoda.

Thank you very much for staying with us.