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Sakura is blooming in Shimoda park! 2009/03/31

090331sakura02_3When I went to Shimoda I went to Shimoda park to check the blooming of cherry trees.

This year it has been cold in these days, so Sakura trees started to bloom slowly.

But I was able to see some trees have already bloomed in this park.

There are a lot of cherry trees on the river side in Shimoda downtown, but I don’t know if I can go there soon because we will be busy this week.

Behind Shirahama shrine

090317beach00_2Today it was sunny and very warm here in Shirahama.

At around 3:00 PM I went to the beach with my son Yuuki before picking up my daughter who came back from the school.

My son and I went to the rock behind Shirahama shrine.

There is a red gate "Torii" of shrine on a big rock.
We were going to Shirahama Chuou beach walking on the rock……

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Ocean view in Shirahama

090315ocean01_22 days ago we had a heavy rain and a strong wind in that night.
It was almost typhoon, so a table for patio outside was broken by the wind.

"Ah, we have to buy new one before summer….."

By the way it was sunny today and we were able to see a beautiful scenery.

But we were not see Izu Oshima island today because thhe air was not clear.

Sakura (cherry) blossom will be start blooming on March 25 in Shimoda in 2009.

090305beach01_2As I had to go for shopping I went to the beach after that.

I took this picture at the back of Shirahama shrine in Shirahama Ohama beach.

There is a red gate called "Torii" in Japanese on the rock and we can see Izu Oshima island over there.

Shirahama shrine is located on north side of Shirahama beach, I am showing the another picture taken at the middle of this beach. …..

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Shirahama Chuou Beach in Shimoda

090302chuou02_3Today it was cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.

After my wife came back from Shimoda I went to the beach with my son Yuuki.

In Shirahama there are 2 beaches called "Ohama" and "Chuou".

We can get to Chuou beach from Ohama beach by walking along the beachside, and it takes about 20 or 25 minutes.
But we took a car today as we didn’t have enough time…..

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