Monthly Archives: July 2017

2017/07/28 No Swimming by Typhoon

When I was cleaning the guest rooms I was able to see the big waves through the window.

So I went to the beach to check the condition this late afternoon.

They had much bigger waves than yesterday due to the typhoon on the Pacific ocean.

They were able to get into the water before noon, but it was prohibited to swim after noon due to the big waves.

2017/07/14 Gorgeous Beach under the Blue Sky

When I saw the beach through the window cleaning the guest rooms I noticed that the water had been shining under the blue sky.

So I finished cleaning quickly and went to the beach to take pictures.

It was the perfect day for the beach today again.

The weather forecast says it would be sunny and very hot tomorrow.



2017/07/11 Thank you for staying!

It was the 4th time for us to welcome the young couple who live in Tokyo.

They had a new family about 4 weeks ago and their parents came from England to see the baby, and came to Shimoda all together.

They went to the beach in the late afternoon on the 1st day, and went to Shimoda city for walking.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

We are really looking forward to meet you and your cute angel.