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2010/01/18 Kawazu Sakura tree has already had a lot of blossoms.

100118kawazusakura01This morning I went to the primary school with my daughter and children for walking.

After we arrived at the school I went to Itado area in Shirahama alone.

When I was walking on the small road in the farmer's field ithe pink tree has appeared suddenly in front of me.

This tree has already had a lot of blossoms and buds.

This tree is called "Kawazu Sakura".

Next month we will have Kawazu Sakura festival around Shimoda.

It means one year would had already passed since last festival.

"Time flies like an arrow."

Amazing Color “Shirahama Blue” in Shimoda

100115shirahama02Have you ever seen this color of the sea in Japan?

Today it was very cold here in Shirahama, but I went to Shimoda downtown by bycycle.

On the way to Shimoda there is a free parking lot called "Miharashi Hiroba".

I took this photo near this parking.

The air was very cold, but the water in the sea was clear!

It takes about 3 or 4 hours by car from Tokyo, but you can get this beautiful scenery if you come to Shimoda.


2010/01/14 Kawazu Sakura will bloom soon.

100114sakura01 In Izu peninsula Sakura festival take place from the beginning on February.

This Sakura called "Kawazu Sakura" and this is one of Sakura which bloom early in the year.

We also have some Sakura trees in our field, and I found that one of them has a bud and it is just budding today.

This tree has buds more, so we are looking forward to see a full blooming with a lot of blossome next month. 

<Link> Sakura Festival in Kawazu and Minami Izu town

2010/01/13 A letter from France

100113letter01This afternoon my wife gave me a letter.

There was a name of place "La Rochelle" and I rememberd a guest from France.

He was travelling in Japan by bycycle and came to Sakuraya alone on May 2008.

He stayed at Sakuraya for 4 nights then.

He said in this letter, " I have a dream to be back in your Pension Sakuraya someday with my wife and daughter".

Yes, we are looking forward to meeting you again.

2010/01/08 A Frozen Leaves

100108leaves01This morning when I was walking with my daughter on the way to Shirahama elementary schlool, my daughter said,

"Look at this. It's frozen!"

Last night it was very cold in Shimoda, so the water drops on the leaves are frozen in the low temperature.

In these days we had cold days in Japan, and it snowed heavily in the north part of Japan.

But we don't have any snow in Shimoda.

A Happy New Year!!

100104family01"A Happy New Year" from Yamamoto family

In Japan most Japanese go to Shrine at the beginning of new year to pray our health, good future and something else.

Today we also went to Shirahama Shrine.

We didn't have a strong wind and a little warm here in Shimoda.

There were some cars in the shrine's parking lot.

After praying we took a photo of ourselves in front of shrine building.

I think that we are very happy because we are keeping our health.

I show you a photo of my wife and me in the following page.

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