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2010/12/23 Swimming in the sea on December!!

101223beach01 Exactly it was sunny and very warm today, but I was surprised to hear that very much.

Our customers, a French family staying for 2 nights said this morning, "We are going to the beach to swim".

When they made a reservation they said that they would bring their wet suit for surfing, so I was thinking they will siwm with wet suit.

But actually they swam with swim wear!!

"Wasn't it cold the sea water today?" I asked.

"It was only 30 minutes we swam in the water".

The water temperature is about 19 degrees, so it is warmer than the air temperature and it is possible to swim in this season, but I think they are the 1st customers who swim on December!

2010/12/21 They stayed at Sakuraya for 2 nights from December 17th.


They came from Singapore and stayed at Sakuraya for 2 nights.

On the 1st day they arrived early to leave their luggages and went to Shimoda downtown.
On the 2nd day they went to Kawazu Seven Waterfalls, and Izu-kogen to go to Teddy Bear Musium.
On the last day they left their luggages at Shimoda station and went to Irozaki Cape.

When they had dinner and breakfast we were able to have a good talking and comunication.

Thank you for staying at Sakuraya, and see you again.

2010/12/09 Golden Road on The Sea

101209sunrise01I went to bed earlier than usual last night, but  I overslept this morning again. Hahaha….

So I went to school to take my daughter by car.

When I came back to Shirahama beach I took this photo.

The sun has just rose above the horizen, and the light of the sun made a long golden road on the sea.

Where can I go to on that road?


2010/12/08 A First Snow on this season on Amagi mountains

101208snow02 My daughters usually go to school by bus every day, but I overslept this morning. So I took them by car.

When I was coming back home I was going to take photos of Shirahama beach as usual.

When the weather is good and the air is clear we can see Mt. Amagi over Shirahama beach.

But I found out that the mountains were white this morning.

I thought it was cloud on the mountains at first, but actually it was snow.

Wao!! We usually have snow after January in Izu peninsula, but we had the first snow on this season this moring.

That's why it was very cold this morning in shimoda.

2010/12/07 Izu Seven Islands & Narcissus ( Daffodil ) Festival in Shimoda

101207morning01 Last night we had a lot of thunder at around midnight.

I cut the power of my computer in a hurry, but it was not big deal and there was no problem.

And this morning it still was cloudy here in Shirahama, but I was able to see Izu Seven Islands on the horizon.

It was sunny over those islands, I guess.

By the way, when I went to kindergarten to pick my son up I found out the flowers there.

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2010/12/06 Perfect Sunny Day in Shirahama

101206children01 It has been sunny and very warm here in Shirahama for 3 days.

Yesterday it was Sunday and my children didn't have a school, so we went to the beach to take photos for New Year Card.

I tried to take it with my 3 children, but my son was in a bad mood when I was taking photos.

And my second daughter became in a same mood. ( A girl in this photo is my first daughter.)

That's why I wasn't able to take good photos after all.

We don't have good days like this so many times in this season, but ….



2010/12/04 Camellia Sasanqua, and Beach in late afternoon

101204blossom01 Do you know this blossoms?

The last owner of Pension Sakuraya loved Karaoke, and the 1st song which he learned was "Sazanka no Yado" over 25 years ago. And he used to sing this song when he went to Karaoke after that.

That's why his wife planted this in the garden of Sakuraya. This is called "Camellia Sasanqua", "Sazanka" in Japanese.

This season this tree has a lof ot buds, and all of them started to bloom.

By the way I went to the beach this afternoon….

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2010/12/03 Storng wind and heavy rain in Shimoda

101203sea02 My daughters usually go to school by bus every morning, but I took them by car this morning. Because….

When I waked up at around 6:00 am it was rainy and windy outside.

I opend the screen to see outside there was strong wind blowing with heavy rain.

After breakfast I went to school with my daughters. when I was driving on the seaside road I was able to see the blue sky in the east sky.

"Yes, it will be sunny this afternoon as the weather forcast said".

But I suddenly had heavy rain again, because there still was a black cloud in the west sky.

It became sunny and very hot at all after that, it was amazing day today.

2010/12/01 A beautiful red flower in Shimoda

101201aloe01 Have you ever seen this flower?

This morning I went for waling to the next beach "Sotoura."

When I departed from Sakuraya at 9:00 am it was very warm, so it was very comfortable for walking today.

At the view point of Sotoura I found out the red flowers.

Do you know this?

This is an aloe.

In Shimoda we don't have any snow, so this aloe can have flowers in winter.