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2010/06/28 It was really hot here in Shimoda today!

1006289beach01In these days it had been almost cloudy and rainy here in Shimoda, but it was changed today.

Sunny day came again and it was very humid.

When I went to the nearest beach "Shirahama", there were some people who were swimming in the water.

They were very lucky today because of sunny in the rainy season.

I really wanted to swim with them today.


2010/06/21 A floating cloud in the blue sky – – Shirahama Beach

100621shirahama01Last night we had a heavy rain here in Shimoda.

The weather forecast said that it would be rainy in the next morning, but it would be sunny after that.

I couldn't believe it yesterday, and even this morning.

But the weather was changed this afternoon like this.

I went to the nearest beach by walking and took this photo.

There were two mothers and their children who were playing there.

2010/06/16 A Wonderful Moment!! Let’s go to Shimoda!!!

100616shirahamabeach01It takes about 3 hours and half to get this treasure from Tokyo.

Last night we had heavy rain here in Shimoda, but this morning it was changed to sunny day.

Besides the air was clear, so everything was beautiful in Shirahama.

4 minutes walking took me to this beach.

There were some people on the beach, and some of them were sitting on the sand, but some of the other people were swimming.

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2010/06/04 Very warm water! Shirahama Beach in Shimoda


In these days the water temperature is getting warmer and warmer.

temperature is normally about 18 or 19 degrees in this season, but it became more than
22 degrees now.

Because the Japan current ( Kuroshio current) is
close to Japan this year.

Look at this.

You can know the condition of Pacific ocean.

I show you the photo which I took today.


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