Monthly Archives: December 2006

Good Wave !! – Shirahama Beach

061223surfing01_1Before going to Shimoda for shopping my son and I went to the beach to take a picture.

It was very warm in Shirahama today, so there were many people to take a walk.

Some of them were in the water without shoes.

We usually don’t see such scenary in this season because it is almost end of the year. ….


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Yuuki at Shimoda Harbor

061222shimodaport01_1Today I had to go for shopping, so I went to Shimoda with my son, "Yuuki".

After that, we went to Shimoda harbor to see the ships.

"Look, Yuuki ! There are big ships overthere."

"What is the name of that ship with the crane ?"

"……….. ."

Yuuki always reads the book of behicles as his treasure, but he couldn’t aswere my question. Because his book doesn’t have an information of that ship.

"Don’t move, boy ! Watch your step ! There is a sea over here."

By the way I am showing the picture of Shirahama beach….. .

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Izu Oshima Island

061204ooshima01_1Today we had a little wind but it was warm this afternoon.

How did you feel in your place today ?

By the way this is a view from 2nd floor of our Pension.
When I was cleaning up this room I could see Izu Oshima island over there, so I had a break to see it for a while.

As the air is very clear in the winter we can see Izu seven island.

I am going to show the view from same place after 3 hours. ……

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The ocean of the cloud

061202ocean01_2It was actually the ocean of phantom, which appeared there suddenly.

The clooud was floating between rocks in the sky.

There were some ships were drifting toward the end of the world. …….

I was very surprised with this fantastic picture when  I saw it in my computer.

Yes, it seemed like one of scenes of movie……

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Marriage anniversary !!

061201happy01_3Today, December 1st was our 15th marriage anniversary !

So my wife, my children and I cereblated together tonight.

By the way do you know how to  call the 15th marriage anniversary ?

It is Crystal.