Monthly Archives: April 2016

2016/04/29 Thank you for staying!

160429family01They came from Switzerland and stayed at Pension Sakuraya for 4 nights.

Actually they wanted to go to Kyushu, but they had to change their plan because of earthquake.

160429family02During their stay in Shimoda they went to Suzaki walking path, Irozaki cape, Hot spring and many places.

We had very good time and communication with them in English and Spanish, because she is from Barcelona in Spain.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

2016/04/20 Thank you for staying.

160420family01They are from Poland and he has lived in Japan since 13 years ago.

So he speaks and read Japanese very well.

His mother came to Japan to meet him and they came to Izu peninsula for the 1st time.

They took Shinkansen to come to Atami from Tokyo, and rented a car to come to Shimoda.

They are very lucky to drive under the blue sky.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

2016/04/19 Gorgeous beach in Shirahama

160419beach01I walked on the seaside road this morning and took some pictures, but they were not so good.

160419beach02When I was cleaning the guest rooms I saw the blue water shining through the window, So I went to the beach around noon to take pictures again.

160419beach05You will be very happy and be so excited looking over the beautiful sea.

Don’t miss the gorgeous beach in this season!!


2016/04/19 Thank you for staying.

160419customer01She lives in the United States and came to Japan with her own bike by plane.

She stayed at her friend’s home in Saitama prefecture for several days and came to Izu peninsula by bike.

She had rest on the 2nd day because of rain, but she went around in the southern area of Izu peninsula by bike on the 3rd day.

Thank you very much for staying with us for 3 nights.

2016/04/16 Thank you for staying.

160416family01They are a family with 11 months baby from Germany..

160416family03They stayed in Tokyo for several days and they came to Shimoda, and stayed at Pension Sakuraya for 5 nights.

During their stay they went to Irozaki cape, Jogasaki walking path in Ito city, Kisami Ohama beach in Shimoda and a lot of places with small baby.

160416family02After check out they are going to Kyoto, Koyasan, Hida-Takayama and some other places, and will leave Japan from Haneda airport.

Have a nice trip in Japana!

Thank you very much for staying with us

2016/04/15 Shirahama Beach this morning

160415beach01I took these pictures when I took my son to the school this morning.

We had rain yesterday, but the blue sky came back to Shirahama today.

160415beach02I hadn’t had enough time to take a Nordic walk in these days because we have been very busy since a week ago.

That’s why I’m putting on weight little by little.

2016/04/15 Thank you for staying with us!

160415family01They are a family of Japanese and French.

She has her house in Chiba prefecture, but she has lived in France with her husband for a long time, and her daughter lives in Thailand with her French husband and their children.

That’s why they have a communication in both Japanese and French, and of course these two small children understand and speak in both 2 languages.

Thank you very much for staying with us for 2 nights.

Take care of your long flight to France and Thailand.

2016/04/13 Thank you for staying.

160413group02They came from Thailand and stayed with us for the 1st time.

160413group03After arriving in Japan they stayed in Tokyo for 1 night and took JR Odoriko limited express train to Atami, and they came to Shimoda by rental cars.

After check-out they went to Perry Road in Shimoda, Joren waterfall, Shuzenji, suspension bridge in Mishima, Shizuoka and Fujinomiya.

160413group04Thank you very much for staying at Pension Sakuraya and present from Thailand!!