Monthly Archives: November 2014

2014/11/28 Japanese style room of Pension Sakuraya

141128room01It was very beautiful this morning, but it became cloudy and we had a little shower this afternoon.

I took this picture this early morning.

This is a Japanese syle room which accepts 5 or 6 people in busy season has both a sea view and a mountain one.

Even in winter it's very warm in this room because of the sun light through the window, so we can have a very good afternoon nap.

2014/11/14 Shirahama Beach today

141114beach01It was sunny today again.

We could see the ships on the sea for the first time this season.

141114beach04 141114beach05They stay there to protect themselves from the strong west wind until the wind stops.

By the way the sea water was very clear today.

If we didn't have cold wind I would want to get into the water with a wet suit.