Monthly Archives: January 2007

A First Sakura will bloom soon.


We had holidays for 5 days from January 18th and came back on 22nd, so I couldn’t update my weblog.

Anyway, I took this picture before getting to depart on Jan 18th.

I was thinking that the Sakura tree had buds in this season.

And found it !

Can you see some small buds in this picture ?

I am going to show the picutre that I took today. …

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A First Snow in Izu Peninsula

070122mountain01_1Before we came back from my wife’s home to Shimoda we stopped at the parking area near Odawara city in Kanagawa Pref.

When I went to the beach I found the white thing in the middle of mountain.

Yes, it was a snow !

The day before yesterday we had a snow in Kanagawa and Tokyo.

So they had snow in Amagi moutains too on that day. ….

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A lot of stars in the winter’s sky in Shimoda

070109stars01_1Wao ! This is a really black picture. Do you know what this is ?

(Click this black image to get bigger one.)

My wife said tonight,

"I could see a lot of stars in the sky outside !!"

Yes, this is a picture which I took the stars.

You can see it with clicking this picture.

Actually I could see the Orion and the other stars tognight. I am showing the picture zoomed up. ….

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