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2011/05/30 Picking up my son and Yamori at Sakuraya

110530yuuki01 Last week the #2 typhoon was coming to Japan from philippines area, but it was become to the extratropical cyclone before coming to Shimoda yesterday.

We had a lot of rain here in Shimoda last weekend, but it was not huge damage.

My daughters expected that the schools would be closed due to typhoon, but they had to go to school at last because there was no heavy rain and strong wind this morning.

As usual I went to the shop on the way from the elementary school to pick my son up, and we came back home together.

By the way I show you the photo which I took in our kitchen tonight.

But if you don't like the reptiles you should not see any more….

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2011/05/20 It looks like a skin head of Namihei!

110520yuki01 Yesterday morning, as we had customers and had to prepare their breakfast, I was not be able to walk wth the children.

So I went out the building to say "Take care" to the children.

When I was waiting outside a 6th grader boy said,

"Hey, look at this! It looks like a head of Namihei!"

I didn't understand what he said at first.

But ……

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2011/05/16 Shirahama Beach in Shimoda Today

110516beach01 (Click the upper title to see today's photo!)

It was sunny here in Shimoda again today.

I went to the beach to take photos, but the water was not so blue since the sky was misted.

Anyway there were some people on the beach and they were playing and swimming in the water.

The weather forecast says it will be rainy here in only early moring, and will be sunny the day after tomorrow and after that.



2011/05/15 The students of my old university & My son today

110515group01 They are 3rd grade in Nihon University.

Yes, they are my junior in the international relations school, and are members of the seminar of Professor Yoshida.

Professor Yoshida took his students many times since 15 years ago.

Afte dinner I drunk with them and talked about a lot of things.

I could have a great time with them.

Thank you for staying with us, and we look forward to meeting you again!!

By the way after they checked out …….

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2011/05/14 Blue sky, Blue sea, White sandy beach and My son


"Let's go to the beach, Yuuki!"

It was windy but very hot here in Shimoda.

Today we had a big party of our customers, but I went to the beach with my son.

There were a lot of surfers in the water and some people on the beach.

Some of them were swimming!

The water is still a little bit cold, but it was almost summer here in Shimoda!!

I show some other photos which I took on the beach.

2011/05/08 Koinobori – – Carp shaped flags were swimming in the blue sky!

110508koinobori01Today it was very beutiful day here in Shimoda.

And it was getting hotter around noon but we had a strong wind.

Koinobori flags were swimming in the blue sky and they made us very happy.

The weather forcast says it will be sunny tomorrow as well, and will be rainy after that.

My son's Koinobori flags will go to bed until next April.

*Do you know Koinobori? Check it out here!


2011/05/03 Koinobori, Carp shaped flags for my son!

110502koinobori06 In Japan, we, Japanese set up "Koinobori", Carp shaped flags, from April to the early month of May.

Koinobori are flown traditionally to celebrate "Children's Day" takes place on May 5th.

We, Japanese decorate Koinobori to pray that sons or grand sons grow up healty and strong.

According to the story of china, when the carp finishes climbing up the waterfall it become a dragon at the dragongate.

So Japanese parents hung Koinobori up in the sky for children rise up like a dragon in the future.

Yesterday my son, Yuuki and I set up Koinobori in our patio together.

You can see the other photos which I took yesterday here.