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Sakuraya’s building will be under repair.

060129terrace001_1From tomorrow we will start to repair our building.

This time we will repair the roof, the walls outside and the walls of inside of Japanese style rooms.
So we can not be able to accept the reservation until March 20th.

But we accept the reservation of only February 10th, Friday and 11th, Saturday.

After all construction we are looking forward to meeting you again at renewed Sakuraya.

Please understand our situation. Thank you very much.

“Inubashiri” embankment in Shimoda harbor

060127teibou001Actually I went to take a photo yersterday and was going to post this photo last night.

But I had new year party last night and I came back to my home at around 1:30am.
Besides I drunk so much, so could not post this photo.

This place is "Inubashiri" embankment in Shimoda, near Shimoda blanch of Japan coast guard.
In Summer a lot of people come here for fishing.
There is a rental house of fishing tools, pole, food for fish, bucket and etc, so we can rent it 1,500 yen if we do not have any tools for fishing.

But this house was closed yesterday, probable they open it during summer.

When I went to this embankment one of them told me, "I could get a lot of sardines yesterday, but today ……. ."

Why don’t you have a good time there when you come to Shimoda?

The pheonix palm tree and aloe in Shirahama, Shimoda

060126fenixaloe001_3Today it was sunny and beautiful too, so I went to take a photo.
This is one of my favorite place in Shirahama, near the gate of Shimoda city, "Ogasaki Wing".

In my home country, Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu, we can see a lot of palm trees in many places, for example, at the main street of Miyazaki city, on the road from airport, along the river and etc.

I had been watching this scenery since I was born.

When I moved here 12 years ago, I found these trees at many places in Shimoda too.

That’s why I love Shirahama and Shimoda.

Flower Field of Narcissus

060125yuukisuisen001_1My son Yuuki and me took a walk around our Pension  under the warm sunlight today.

After that we spend a time at the flower field of Narcissus "Suisen".

We found some melons, "Hayato Uri" in Japanese, that we cook it for pickles of Miso every winter in the field.

It was very slow time and slow day today.

Aloe’s flower in Shirahama

060124aloe001_1Have you ever seen this flower?

Have you ever eaten it?

This flower is Aloe, very delicious flower!

As this flower has honey in each small one, it is very sweet. That’s why many birds come to get it and we sometimes eat it as Tempura.

Now in Shirahama, the Aloe festival is held at Itado area.

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It is very cold outside but my children are ….

060121shirahama001_4Today it was very cold and rainny in Shirahama.

When I was watching TV news in this morning a lot of students were going into the gate of University to take the examination of Nation University through the falling snow.
In according to this TV news,  the English Listenning Test started from this year and all
of students who want to get into the National University have to take it.
I think that it is good for them but really hard for them and their parents.

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