Monthly Archives: December 2013

2013/12/27 Sunset in Shirahama

131227ogasaki01I took this picture at Ogasaki wing today, which is the entrance of Shimoda city on Route 135 and is one of good view points in Shimoda.

Of course we can see Shirahama beach from this place, and Izu seven islands as well.

It had been almost cloudy today, but we got a beautiful sunset after all.

2013/12/12 Shirahama Beach today

131212beach02We had strong west wind, but it was really beautiful again today.

In this season the water is very clear, and they sometimes have good waves here in Shirahama. (not today)

The highest air temperature was 10 degrees, but the water temperature was 16 degrees.

So it is warmer in the water than the outside.