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2012/02/27 Sakura fully blooming

120227yuuki01There are some Sakura trees in our field, and they are almost fully blooming at last.

This season it has been very cold here in Izu Peninsula since the end of last year, so it is later to bloom than usual.

But the Sakura trees in our garden get a lot of sunshine, and the sun make them to bloom faster than the others.

The other Kawazu Sakura trees In Kawazu town and Minami-Izu town blooms after a delay of 2 or 3 weeks.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan

2012/02/25 Rainy on Saturday in Shirahama

120225rain01This morning I took my daughter to the school and took this picture on the way home in Shirahama.

When it is sunny we can see the blue sea from this point, but….

Since last night it have been raining in Shimoda and still raining.

Of course I know the rain is neccesary for Sakura to bloom, but it should be on weekday at least in this season.

Because a lot of people come to Izu peninsula to see the Sakura blossoms.

Click here to see the other picture taken at the entrance of Pension Sakuraya this morning.

Pension Sakuraya in Shirahama, Shimoda, Japan

2012/02/21 Sunrise in Shirahama

120221sunrise03This morning I took my daughter to Shirahama shrine, because she has a school trip for 3 days from today.

They took a bus to Mishima train station and will take Shinkansen to Kyoto.

I hope she has good experiences and memories in Kyoto and Nara.

I took this picture on the beach behind Shirahama shrine after my daughter left.

There were some people walking on the beach this morning.

Click here to see the pictures which I took today.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan

2012/02/18 Kawazu Sakura has just started to bloom.

120218sakura05In Japan we have a lot of kinds of Sakura.

And the earliest blooming is Kawazu Sakura, which usually starts to bloom from the end of January.

But this season it is later than usual.

Kawazu Sakura festival has already started from February 5th, but it is only 5 % blooming on this stage.

In our garden there are some Sakura trees and they also have just started blooming.

The best timing to watch Kawazu Sakura in this season will be after the end of February, I think.

Kawazu Sakura festival in Kawazu town and Minami-Izu town

Pension Sakuraya, a family running guest house in Shimoda, Japan

2012/02/10 A beautiful sunrise and a golden road

120210sunrise01This morning there is no wind, no big waves and very quiet.

But it's very cold as usual in this season.

When I came back home from Shimoda downtown I could see a beutiful scenery with sunrise and golden road on the sea in Shirahama.

Today we have a big party of a lot of students from Nihon University.

The sunny day will welcome them today.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan


2012/02/08 Beautiful morning in Shimoda


We had heavy rain and strong wind like a storm here in Shimoda yesterday.

My second daughter has a marathon competition in Shimoda yesterday, but it was cancelled due to the weather.

Today my first daughter will have a marathon of high school.

We had a beautiful sunrise again this morning after 2 days.

As this Japanese room has a southern aspect, it is very sunny and warm though we are in the winter.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan