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2011/10/24 Shooting Star!

111024stars01My camera is not good at taking night sky, so I could not take it…..

Last night my wife said outstide at around 12:30 AM,

"Look at that! there are a lot of stars!"

I went out and look up the sky. There were a lot of stars twinkling.

When we were looking we found out a shooting star.

I didn't know, but in these days we have had a meteor stream "Orionids", so we could see one of them.

From this season the air is very clear and we can see a lot of stars in the night sky here in Shimoda.

2011/10/23 Unpolished Rice

111023unpolishedrice01Recently most of Japanese people eat white polished rice.

10 days ago my father in low sent us the unpolished rice cooking set.

This set has a bag of unpolished rice and a pressure cooker, so we tried cooking unpolished rice with adzuki beans.

It was not only really nice and delicious, but also chewy texture and tastes sweeter than white rice.

Of course it has a nutrition.


2011/10/17 Snorkeling at Kujuppama Beach in Shimoda

111017kujuppama02Yesterday it was sunny and very hot here in Shimoda, but I could not go to the beach to swim.

So I went to the sea for snorkeling today.

It takes about 15 minutes by car from Sakuraya to Kujuppama Beach.

This beach is very small but the water was really clear and I could take pictures of fishes.

Click here to see the pictures which I took today.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan

2011/10/16 Shirahama Ohama Beach today

111016beach01In this season we set up the fences on the beach.

Because we have strong north east wind between autumn and spring, and because we have to protect the sand on the beach from this wind.

Today we had a work to set up the fences from 7:00 AM.

In this early morning we had a heavy rain and stopped raining before work, but it began to rain again after we started to work.

However we finished to do it in the rain……

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