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2011/12/17 Dried fish shop in Shimoda

111217driedfish08This morning I took my daughter to the school and went to Shimoda downtown after thatn.

When I was driving in downtown I found out the dried fishes out of shop on the road.

I asked him to take pictures, and he told me that he waked up at 2:00 am every day.

"Every day?"

I said and he answered.

"Yes, because I have to start to make dried fishes to provide them to the travellers before noon."


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2011/12/16 My daugter goes to school by bike every day.

111216akari01When I was taking pictures near the beach this morning I foud out my daughter was going to school.

She usually takes bike to go to the high school like this.

It takes about 1 hour, because she walks pushing her bike with her hands when she goes up the hill on the way to Shimoda town.

In addition, as we had strong west wind this morning it was very hard for her, because she had strong head wind from Sotoura beach to the downtown.

Click here to see the pictures which I took this morning.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan

2011/12/09 The water temperature around Shimoda

111209temperature01Yesterday there were some surfers in the water.

We can see the surfers even in winter in Shimoda, and I was thinking it is too cold to surf.

But the water temperature is higher than the air, so there is no problem for surfers to get into the water.

If you had a wet suit you could snorkel in Shimoda in this season!

If you don't have it you can rent it at the surf shop "Shirahama Marina" in Shirahama.


Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan

2012/12/07 Marathon competition at the primary school

111207marathon01Today it was sunny again in Shimoda.

We had a little bit wind here in Shirahama but it was warm.

By the way, we had Long distance running competition at Shirahama primary school.

This marathon takes place on every December and a lot of parents and local peole come to school to support and cheer them.

This competition started at 9:20 AM…..

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