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2010/07/31 Shimoda Sotoura Beach: Hot summer has come back again!

100731sotoura01 It was very hot and sunny here in Shimoda.

Yes, the hot summer has come back again after 2 rainy days.

When I went to Shimoda downtown I took this photo on the route #135.

Sotoura beach lies between Shirahama beach and Shimoda downtown, and it is cove like this photo.

So they normaly don't have big waves here and it is very good condition for small kids.

Pension Sakuraya in Shirahama, Shimoda

2010/07/29 Rainy day in Shirahama, Shimoda

100729rainyday01 It had been hot and sunny since 10 days ago, but rainy day came back at last.

When I took this photo at around 1:00 pm on the way to Shimoda downtown there were still some people on the beach.

But when I came bach from downtown there was nobody because of rain.

I want to see the bule sea here in Shirahama!


2010/07/28 Swimming with my son under the sunshine in Shimoda

100728yuuki02 I didn't think to do it, but as we don't have dinner for our customers today, I went to the beach with my son.

"Let's go to the beach, Yuuki."

"Really? "

My son loves swimming in the sea, but we can't go many times in summer because we are very busy this season.

It was very hot today too.

My son was very excited in the water….

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2010/07/26 The water temperature is 25 degrees! in Shirahama.

100726beach01As my daughter wanted to go to her friend's home I took her by car, and  went to the beach to take photos.

This morning our customer said that the water was very warm yesterday, so I asked a lifesaver about that.

She answered, "The temperature was 24 degrees this morning, so now it's 25 or 26 degrees."

It was 19 degrees one week ago, but the water is getting warmer and warmer.

I think it is very comfortable to get into the water here in Shirahma.

2010/07/24 A lot of people on the beach in Shirahama, Shimoda

100724ocean01It has been very hot here in Shimoda since one week ago.

The sun rises at around 4:50 every morning, and it makes my room very very very hot!!

So I wake up at around 5:00 am every day because of its heat.

I went to the top of mountain behind Pension Sakuraya and took this photo.

There were a lot of people on Shirahama Beach.

I want to get into that water to make my body cool down!

2010/07/22 A closest parking lot to Shirahama Beach in Shimoda

100722parking02How do you come to Shirahama in Shimoda this summer?

Every summer many parking lots are opened for the visitors, but this parking lot is closest one near Shirahama beach.

This parking lot is operated by Izu Shirahama Tourist Association.

The operation time is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and parking fee is 1,000 yen ~ 2,000 yen depending on the date and the parking time.

If you are a family with small children or if you have a lot of bags this parking lot is very useful, I think.

In addition, there is a convenience store "Family Mart" nearby. Oh, it's great!!

I took this photo today. It was really hot again and the sea was really blue as usual.

2010/07/20 Blue and Pink in the sky & Shirahama Beach today

100720sunset01"Can you see this everyday in this season?"

When our customers finished the dinner asked me.

"Yes, we sometimes can see it, but not everyday." 

After I said so I went to my room to take my camera, but the color was changed when I came back to the dining room.

In Shimoda we sometimes can see the beautiful red sunset, but its color is different in this season.

Anyway, I show you the photo of Shirahama beach, which I took this afternoon…..

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2010/07/18 Fireworks Display in Shirahama, Shimoda

100717fireworks01Have you ever seen the fireworks display?

Last night, on July 17th, we had a fireworks festival on Shirahama beach in Shimoda city.

This festival takes place in every July, on the 1st day of 3 holidays at the middle of July.

When I got to the beach with my children there had already been a lot of people on the beach and on the road nearby.

In Japan we have a lot of fireworks festival taken place at many places, but we have to see its small display very far from its place.

But here in Shirahama we can see it really close!!!

The craftsman set off the fireworks at the water's edge and the fireworks are exploded above our overheads.

It is really excited and the people on the beach cheered great shouts of joy every time.

Come and have a fun next summer.

2010/07/15 Blue sky, white cloud, Blue sea and white beach in Izu, Shimoda

100715beach01Have you ever been to the southern islands in Japan?

If you have never been there you don't need to go, because you can get it here in Shimoda.

In these days it has been cloudy and sunny, but sometimes we had a shower.

But I could take the beautiful photos on the beach today.

Now we are in summer.

Come and play, and spend great time here in Shirahama.