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Windsurfing and Northern wind in Shirahama

060228windsurfing001_1Todya it was very cold, right ?

When I had a time in the afternoon I went to the beach to take a picture.
But the wind is really strong and cold. The wind made my hands holded my camera too cold.

In this situation it was good chance for windsurfers to get good wind and wave.
On the left side of the beach, from the area behind Shirahama shrine, he started windsurfing.
Then the big wave came toward them…..

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Kawazu Sakura is fully bloomming !!

060227sakura001_1According to the local newspaper "Izu Shinbun", Kawazu town declared " Kawazu sakura trees are fully blooming !"

Every year Kawazu Sakura Festival has over one million people to visit this festival.
On last Saturday, February 25th, about 65 thousand people visited a day. It was a 1st record during this season.

By the way did you noticed that the color of Sakura in this photo is different from Kawazu Sakura ?……

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Sakuraya’s building is under repair.

060226repair001_1"Please paint a roof this time."

We were going to do only it at the first stage.

But kind painter said, "If you would like to do it, of course we can do it. But you will have to paint again about 3 years later."

Sakuraya’s building is 19 years old, so the roof is too old to paint. And he said also,

"As it necessary a lot of money to set the preparation to paint, you had better change all of the roof now at all."

Besides, as there are many points of leak of wall, we have to change all of walls this time.

That’s why we decided to repair our bulding from last month, but ……

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“Ashi Yu” in Shimoda

060225shimodaspa001_1Today my daughter, Akari had a lesson of classical ballet in the morning, so Hikari, Yuuki and me went to the park near Shimoda harbor during her class.

As we had strong wind today, so we tried to play football but could not play it.
After that we decided to go to Spa for foot (Ashi Yu) in this park…..


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The treasure in a secret cave

060223shell001_1Do you know what these are ?

Today, as my wife had to go to the dentist, my son, Yuuki and me went to Shimoda together.

While my wife’s dental treatment my son and me went to Kisami Ohama beach. I have ever seen this sea, but it was 1st time for me to go to the beach.

After walking in the beach we arrived at the end of this beach. And we found the stairs into the cave ……

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Shirahama beach in Shimoda

060222sunrise001_1Here is a question.

When did I take this picture in the morning or afternoon ?

The answer is "Morning".

The western side of Izu, "Nishi Izu" is very famous for its sunset.

But Shirahama beach is on the eastern side of Izu peninsula, so we can’t take a picture of sunset on the sea.

When I wake up in the early morning I sometimes take its picture. Especially we can take picutures of the beautiful sunrise from the horizon in the winter.

Would you like to see it?

Link:  The pictures of sunrise in the photo gallery

I came to pick you up, Hikari !!

060221yuuki001_1"Let’s go, bu- bu-, Yuuki !"

He recently understands our situation when I say so.

"Bu- bu-" is Japanese baby word, means "Car".

So he heard this word, and started to walk toward the door soon.

Today my daughter called by telephone and said "Please come to the school to bring my baggages." Because she wanted to go her friend’s home after school.

That’s why I was going to the school with my son.

When we arrived at the school my son was surprised at very big area of school, and started to walk gladly…… .

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It’s too sour !!

060220yuuki002_1Recently my son, Yuuki became to be able to eat with spoon or fork by himself.

Of course he usually use his hands to eat, and he can eat any foods we prepare.

Today, as he was hungry he ate a lot.

One of today’s dinner was salad of tomato and cucumber with vinegar and soy souce.

He can eat Umeboshi (Japanese dried plum with salt), so he likes and eats sour food or vinegar. And he can express that he feels sour taste……..


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