Monthly Archives: February 2010

Let’s make a fresh juice!

100221hikariyuuki01"When are you going to make it, dad?"

My daughter, Hikari has been asking me about it since long time ago.

"OK, I'll do it tonight. Let's make it together."

Then I decided to do it with my daughter and son and started.

First of all we have to prepare the fruits for it, oranges, banana, peach, apple, yogurt and honey.

Recently my son Yuuki can peel well, so I asked him to peel an orange…..

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2010/02/20 Big wave in Shimoda

100220surfing01Shirahama beach in Shimoda is one of good points for surfing.

We sometimes very good wave here, especially in September due to typhoon.

But today we had a very beautiful wave like this.

It looks twice as high as surfer in the water.

I don't understand why they are not afraid of big waves.

If I don't have a surf board I can't get into the water.

2010/02/16 Shirahama Shrine

100216jinja01As always I went for walking this morning.

Today I came back home on route 135 and took some photos at Shirahama shrine.

There was nobody, but I found out a cherry tree full blooming.

Last night I checked the weather forecast for Shimoda and there was a sign of snow!

But we didn't have it today actually.

This winter we don't have snow in Izu peninsula.

2010/02/13 White eyes come to cherry trees

100213sakura01I walked this morning after 3 days.

There is a parking lot on the left side of Shirahama post office.

And I found out some birds on the cherry trees there.

Some of them are blooming fully and white eyes come to suck nectar of these blossoms.

I wanted to take photos of them but they didn't stop jumping from the blossom to the others.

2010/02/07 Blue sea in Shirahama

100207sea00We had a very strong wind here in Shirahama yesterday, but it became sunny today.

So I went to the beach to take some photos.

I took this on the way to the beach.

The sea was very gorgeous and I could see Izu Oshima island over there.

Since I moved here I had seen this Shirahama beach a lot of times but I never get weary of looking at this blue sea.

2010/02/03 Snow on top of mountain in Izu

100203shirahama00I went to the beach to take photos after some days and could see the mountains over there.

When I ariived at bus stop "Shirahama Kaigan" I found out Mt. Amagi over the mountains.

Last night it was very cold here in Shimoda, so they had snow on top of mountain.

It was a first time to see snow on top this winter.

If I had enough time I could have gone there to see a lot of snow.