Monthly Archives: April 2014

2014/04/27 Carp Streamer “Koinobori”

140427beach01We will have the children's day on May 5th, so I stood up the carp streamer for my son yesterday.

We had a little wind, but it was sunny and very warm here in Shimoda today.

I went to the nearest beach "Shirahama" with my son to take pictures.

As they had good waves there were a lot of surfers on the beach.

140427beach03You can see the other pictures on Pension Sakuraya's Facebook here.

2014/04/09 Thank you for staying!

140409customers02They came from Shanghai in China.

They arrived at Kansai International Airport and stayed in Kyoto for 3 nights.

After that, they came to Shimoda and stayed at Pension Sakuraya for 1 night.

One of them has lived in Japan, so he speaks Japanese very well.

They are funny and good people!!

140409customers01Thank you for staying with us.

We hope you will come back to Japan again!

2014/04/07 Beautiful sea, Shirahama beach!

140407beach01I walked on the seaside road after a long time.

We had a little cold west wind today, but the sea was really gorgeous.

I wanted to show our customers this beautiful scenery on last weekend.

The air temperature is getting higher and higher in this season.

140407beach01If the beach condition was same as today we would be able to swim in Golden week, at the beginning of May!