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2010/03/30 Snow at Mt. Amagi in Izu peninsula

100330snow01Yesterday, our customers who stayed at Sakuraya called us late afternoon and said,

"Now we are near Mt. Amagi, but we have snow here. That's why we can't go ahead."

Yesterday afternoon my wife said when she came back from Shimoda downtown,

"It is very cold outside."

I didn't know such a condition outside, because I was cooking in warm kitchen then.

"How is snowing there?"

I asked our customers and he answered,

"It's all white here and every car stopped running. They can't move anymore due to a lot of snow."

In this season the cherry trees have blossoms in Izu peninsula, but they had more than 17 cm snow yesterday.

2010/03/01 Tsunami warning yesterday

100301beach01At 9:33 am on February Japan Meteorological Agency issued Tsunami warning due to an earthquake in Chile.

All Japan was made rush by this information yesterday.

My aunt who went to Tokyo the day before yesterday couldN7t come back to Shimoda because JR Tokaido Line stopped running due to Tusnami warning.

It usually takes about 2 hours and half to get to Shimoda from Tokyo, but it took more than 12 hours.

But we had only 50 or 60 cm Tsunami in Shimoda actually.

Izukyuko line runs along the seaside,so I understand if they stopped

But JR Tokaido line goes a little far from the sea.

Why  are transport facilitiles in Japan so nervous?