Monthly Archives: May 2018

2018/05/27 Shirahama Beach Today

My son had to go to the train station this early morning because of practice match of junior high school basket ball teams.

I took some pictures of sun and beach after I took him to the station.

It was sunny and very hot here in Shirahama today.

Some of our guests left their bags at Sakuraya and went to the beach after check out.

2018/05/24 Shirahama Beach Today

I walked on the seaside road this afternoon after several days.

It was cloudy and cold this morning, but it became sunny and very hot after noon.

The local community in Shirahama will have a removal work of fences on the nearest beach Shirahama this weekend.

So they were removing sands around the fences to prepare for the work.

2018/05/21 Thank you for staying!

They are from Canada, Austria and Kumamoto prefecture in Japan, and came to Shimoda for the 1st time.

Two of them from Austraria and Kumamoto are staying in Japan for a month and half and staying in the house of the other who lives in Yokohama

They went to Tatado beach in Shimoda on the 1st day, and went to Irozaki cape, Kumomi beach in Matsuzaki town and drove on the western side of Izu peninsula, I think.