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2018/05/04 Shirahama Beach during GW

I took my son to the station because he and his basketball team mates had practice matches in Inatori.

After that I took a picture of sun on the nearest beach this early morning.

And after all of our guests checked out this morning I found out a mobile phone in a guest room.

So I went to the nearest Seven-Eleven to give it back our guests and took pictures of the beach after that.

It was beautiful day, but really really cold because of strong west wind.

I’ve never experienced such a cold day during Golden Week in these 10 years or more!


2018/04/24 Take care!!

2 days ago, when I was walking down the hill from Sakuraya as usual I heard a sound that something hit against wall or window behind me.

I was surprised and saw it, and knew that it was a sparrow!

He was not able to fly soon, but he went somewhere after that…

2018/03/27 Swimming in the Sea!

It was sunny this morning, but it became cloudy after that.

Some young boys were swimming in the water at Itami fisherman’s port in Shirahama this afternoon.

The sea water temperature is about 16 or 17 degrees celsius and now getting warmer day by day.

The wild cherry trees on the mountain opposite are now almost in full bloom.

2018/03/24 Snow and Cherry Blossoms

Last night my son and I departed from our house at around 10:00 PM, and drove to Mt. Daruma rest house at western side of Izu peninsula, where we can see Mt. Fuji and slept in our car there.

This morning we expected to get the view of Mt. Fuji from that point, but we were not able to see clearly because of clouds.

After that we started to drive again to the southern part of Izu peninsula.

On the  top of mountain there still were a lot of snow after snowing 3 days ago.

And we were able to see the beautiful cherry and rape blossoms on the river side in Matsuzaki town on the way home.

Izu peninsula is not so big but it’s very interesting, because we are able to see both of the snow on the top of mountain and the cherry blossoms on the same day.