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2019/11/29 Shirahama Beach Today

Yesterday it was really cold and we had rain all day long here in Shirahama. We can see the Amagi mountains from the beach. I’m not sure but it looks they had snow on the top of the mountain.

They had very strong north wind and big waves on last Sunday and Monday.

And the wind blew a lot of sands off to the road and the waves brought sand from the beach….

2019/11/11 Big Deep Clean of Dining Room

It was sunny and we had very clear sky this morning, but after that it became cloudy, rainy and we had thunderstorm this late afternoon.

By the way, as I finished big deep clean of bed rooms I started to clean the dining room today.

I have to carry all of tables and chairs to the upper floor to clean and wax the floor. It’s really hard for my arms and legs,but I hope it would be good training.

2019/10/25 Walking on the Beach

As I had been very busy after summer season I walked on the beach and the seaside road this afternoon after a long time.

We had a little heavy rain this morning but the rain was stopped this afternoon.

There were a lot of drift woods and garbage which were brought by the waves and the strong wind of typhoon 2 weeks ago.