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The Babies of Cherry – – Kawazu Sakura

080317cherry01_2I heard that there are some cherry trees "Kawazu Sakura" which have cherry blossoms in Kawazu town now.
As the blooming was very late this winter they are still blooming.

This is a same kind of cherry tree which is in front of the entrance of Pension Sakuraya.

After blooming this tree already has a lof of cherry now. ….


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Low tide in Shirahama, Shimoda

080313shirahamabeach01_2Today my son Yuuki and I went to "Shirahama Chuou Beach" by car.

When we were going down the hill to Route 135 we found the blue sea after about 1 week.
In these days we had not be able to see the sea and the mountain clearly.

After parking our car at the parking lot near the beach we got into the beach soon.
When we got to the seaside the tide was at its lowest and there were rocks along the beach side…..


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Minami Sakura and Rape blossoms Festival 2008 was finished …

080311nanohana01_2Minami Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) and Nanohana (Rape Blossoms) festival which started on February 5 was finished yesterday, March 10.

As my wife wanted to go to Shimoda for shopping my son and I went together and we went to Minami Izu town to see the flowers.

In Shimogamo there is a big field of rape blossoms and when we got to this field my son started to run into the rape blossoms. ……


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Yuuki’s favorite place is …….

080310yuuki01_2It was yesterday afternoon.

When I was working in my office my daughter, Hikari came to my ofiice and said,

"Come on, dad! Hurry up!"

Before that my children, Akari, Hikari and Yuuki were playing together in a dinning room downstairs.
And I heard that Hikari said to my son Yuuki,

"Are you sleepy, Yuuki?"

So I knew why my daughter called me and I went to the dinning room with my camera soon ….

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