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Amazing blue, Shirahama Beach!!

080124beach01_2We could see a blue sea after a long time.

I think it had been cloudy and rainy these more than 10 days, so I feel happy to see it this afternoon.

"Yes, Shirahama beach and sea are really gorgeous!!"

I have been living here for 16 years but when I can see the blue sea like today it makes me very happy.

Izu Oshima island still has snow today.

Snow on Amagi Mountain

080122amagi01If you stand on Shirahama beach on the left side toward the ocean you can see Amagi Mountains.

It was a first time that Amagi mountain had snow this

Last night I waked up many times because I turned off the air conditioner and it was very cold in my room.

The color of the sea is really winter’s one….

Snow on the mountain in Izu Oshima island

080121ooshima01_2Last night the weather forcast said that it would be snow on the east side of Japan.

But actually we didn’t have any snow here in Shimoda.

When I said "Good Bye" to my daughters going to the school this morning I found that Izu Oshima island had a snow on the top of mountain.

Even if we have no snow here they sometimes have it on the mountain every year.

I don’t know why, but I think that Amagi mountains in Izu peninsula have snow too.

Sakuraya’s Chinese Web Pages

080115english01_2As we have an English web pages of Pension Sakuraya we have a lot of customers from all over the world.

A couple of them who came from Taiwan and stayed at Sakuraya for 2 days in last November.

When we talked together one of them said,

"You have an Englsih web pages but don’t have a Chinese one, right?"
"If you would like it it is possible to make it by myself. Would you like to have it?"

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Sakura trees started to bloom!

080111sakura01Today it was a little warm here in Shirahama.

When I was watching the weather forcast on TV they said that it was about 26 degrees in Okinawa.
Wao! It is possible to swim there!!

When I was walking around our pension with my son I found that Sakura tree had some buds.

I was thinking It is a little early to bloom but I found the another tree which had …….

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A Happy New Year!!!

Now it is 1:00 am on 2008.

"A Happy New Year ! "

We have just finished our job and I am taking break in front of my desk.

I took this picture yesterday, I guess that there are a lot of people in this Shirahama shrine.
I hope your happy new year  and everything is going well.