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Sunset and Cloud in the Sky – – Shirahama Beach

090628sunset00_2Today it was rainy from early in this morning, but it stopped to rain at around 4:00 PM and we could see a blue sky in the west.

After that my son and I went to Shimoda downtown for shopping.

When we finished shopping we found that the sun was setting into the west mountain and the sky changed the color from blue to yellow.

"OK, Yuuki. Let’s come back home. We will be able to see the beautiful sunset today."…..

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It’s almost summer in Shirahama.

090627beach01_2Yesterday it was good weather in Shimoda.

Today it was beautiful. Yes, it was better than yesterday.

There were many people on the beach, and they were playing, swimming, walking and sleeping.

There were also some surfers in the water, but they didn’t have good waves.

It was good condition for snorkeling today.!!

Sunny day in Shimoda

090623beach01_2Last night we had very strong wind here in Shirahama, but it became sunny today.

When we don’t have a sun in the sky it is cool, but it was very hot this afternoon.,

There were some surfers on the beach, but they didn’t have big waves.

If I had enough time I could have dive today……. It was really regletable!

Presents from Germany

090617present01Today we got some presents from our guest who came from Germany and stayed at Sakuraya in last April.

She came to Japan for her private holiday and stayed at our Pension for 3 nights.

I didn’t know who she was before checked-in, but I knew and was surprised at her job after talking with her.

She is working as a marketing and distribution at Bärenreiter, and she often comes to Asia for sales and marketing.

Actually, I am a member of chorus group in Shimoda, called "Shimoda Chor Freude", and we will have a 30th anniversary concert next April and now we are
      just practicing Mozart "Requiem"…..

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Whose home is this? – – in Sakuraya’s garden

090612nest01We usually pick plums from the plum tree after the middle of June, but the harvesting season is earlier than usual.

So I went to the plum tree to pick I found out this!

Have you ever seen it?

This is a nest of birds, but I don’t know whose nest it is.

I was thinking there was nothing inside, and I put my hand into it.

Then my hand touched something there. ……

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Floating island on the clouds and the ocean – – Izu Oshima island

090611island01Last nigh we had heavy rain here in Shimoda, but it became cloudy at 9:00 AM.

After our guests checked-out, when I was cleaning the guest room I found an amazing scenary through the window of guest room.

The island was floating on the sea of clouds.
That island is called "Izu Oshima".
That is one of islands located in the pacific ocean.

It was very beautiful like a picture.

Sunny again in Shirahama – – Ogasaki Wing View Point

090608ogasaki01Today it was sunny too.
The air temperature was going up and up and very hot at last.

This morning I went to Shirahama post office and went a little futher to Ogasaki Wing.

Ogasaki Wing is located at the entrance of Shimoda city on Rout 135, and this is one of good view points in Izu peninsula.

From this points we can look over Shirahama Beach, Suzaki peninsula and Izu seven islands.

I show you the photo of Shirahama beach taken from this point. …….

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Sand Art didn’t take place this year.

090606beach02Today we had a heavy rain and strong wind here in Shirahama this morning.

When I went to Shirahama Chuo Beach to check the condition at around 10:30 AM the rain had already stopped.

We have a sand art competition of Shirahama primary school on every June here on this beach, but it didn’t take place this year because of rain.