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2014/04/27 Carp Streamer “Koinobori”

140427beach01We will have the children's day on May 5th, so I stood up the carp streamer for my son yesterday.

We had a little wind, but it was sunny and very warm here in Shimoda today.

I went to the nearest beach "Shirahama" with my son to take pictures.

As they had good waves there were a lot of surfers on the beach.

140427beach03You can see the other pictures on Pension Sakuraya's Facebook here.

2012/10/29 Shirahama shirine festival

121029shrine05Today it was a second day of
Shirahama shrine festival.

A lot of people come to this shrine and they
watched the traditional dance performance.

And after that they had a ceremony to tell the
opening of festival to the gods on the seven islands on the pacific

Actually it is held on the first day, but they changed the date
because of rain yesterday.

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Shirahama shrine festival

Hitachisai Fire Ceremony

2012/10/28 Eve of Shirahama Shrine Festival

121028ceremony02Shirahama shrine which has a long
history of more than 2,400 years has the festival on October 28th, 29th
and 30th.

Today it was an eve of this festival and the young boys and
girls who are second year students in junior high attended the ceremony
which was held in the main shrine.

My second daughter also joined them.

Click here to see the other pictures which I took in this shrine this evening.


2012/05/26 Last weekend for Koinobori

120526carpstreamer01We have displayed Koinobori (carp streamer) when it was sunny and we had customers because My 5th was a boy's day in Japan.

Today, it is windy and a good condition for them.

But this weekend it would be the last chance for them to swim in the sky, I think.

Next week they will go to bed until next April!

I took some pictures on Shirahama beach and Sotoura beach today.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan