Monthly Archives: December 2014

2014/12/28 Daffodil (Narcissus) Festival at Tsumekizaki Cape in Shimoda

141227daffodil01I went to Tsumekizaki-cape yesterday, where the daffidil flower festival has been taking place since December 20th.

141227daffodil02 141227daffodil05We had very strong north wind there but we could see the beautiful scenery under the blue sky.

The daffodil blooming is now about 50%, and it's much earlier than usual.

The good time to see the flowers is usually after the middle of January, but the next new year holidays will be the best timing, I guess.

2014/12/25 Christmas Card from abroad

141225beach01When I was cleaning the guest rooms this late afternoon I found out the clouds in the east sky was getting colored red at the sun set time.

So I went to the beach to take pictures in a hurry.

141224card01Then I was able to see the gorgeous sunset today.

By the way, I got a Christmas card 3 days ago from our friends who live in the United States and stayed at Pension Sakuraya just once several years ago.

Actually this is the only one Christmas card that we got this year. Because most of us, Japanese don't have a custom like this and because we have to prepare the new year cards in this season every year.

We are appreciated very much….

2014/12/22 Shirahama Beach today

141222beach01As we had a little strong west wind it was cold here in Shirahama today.

141222beach02 141222beach07But the sea water was very clear and we could see Amagi mountains and Izu seven islands clearly.

I walked along the seaside this afternoon.

The shadow was appeared in my pictures in this season, it was only around 2:30 PM though.

2014/12/14 Japanese style room

141214room01My wife started changing the papers of the paper sliding door, "Shoji Screen" of the Japanese style rooms several days ago.

141214beach03This is one of Japanese customs before the new year.

It was sunny and we could see the seven islands on the Pacific ocean clearly. There were some ships on the sea to protect themselves from the strong west wind.