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2012/04/09 Let’s go up to the Mt. Nesugata in Shimoda by cablecar!

120409ropeway01The TV show said it was 23*C or over in this afternoon in Tokyo.

Here in Shimoda it's also getting warmer day by day.

When I was driving it was too hot inside, so I opened the window.

By the way, I took this picture on the riverside near Shimoda train station in this afternoon.

There is a cable car going up to the top of mountain, surrounded by Sakura trees and fresh green leaves.

In this season a lot of flowers start blooming on the top.

Let's try and go to the top by cablecar!

Here is an information of Shimoda cablecar.

Pension Sakuraya: 4 minutes walking to the nearest beach "Shirahama" in Shimoda, Japan


2011/08/25 Shimoda Aquarium with my son, Yuuki

110825aquarium22 During summer, as we are very busy we can't go anywhere with my children.

However, when we have a time I go to the beach for swimming with my children twice or 3 times a summer.

I was going to the beach today again, but it was cloudy. So I decided to go to the aquarium with my son, Yuuki.

It was a second time for him to go there.

My son was very excited and happy today.

You can see the other pictures which I took today here.

Shimoda city Shirahama: Pension Sakuraya

Sakura is fully blooming. – – Shimoda Ropeway (Cable Car)

090201ropeway000_2Today it was very beutiful day.

When I saw the ocean from our pension I could see Izu Oshima island clearly, so I desided to go to Mt. Nesugata-yama by Cable car with my wife and son.

It’s only 3 minutes by calbe car to get to the top from the cable car station near Izukyu Shimoda station.

As I was thinking we could get very beutiful senery from the top of mountain like this picture……..

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Fureai no Mori in Inatori town

060604park0_1"Let’s go to the long slide this afternoon !"

After checking out of our guest I said so.

My children of course agreed with me, so we went a park in Inatori is called "Fureai no mori" after I finished to clean up the guest room.

In this park there are many kinds of trees, playground equipments and observatory.

Naturally our main purpose was a long slide.
The length of this slide is 50 meters.

From the top of this slide we can see a beautiful view of Inatori town, pacific ocean and Izu seven islands.

As soon as we got there my daughter started to slide down, but it didn’t work well…..

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Rotenburo/Onsen/Kawazu Seven Water Falls

060429onsen01_1Today it was rainny and cloudy, and I didn’t take a photo.
So I introduce one of Onsen of Izu peninsula.

This is a "Oodaru", a biggest fall of Kawazu Seven Falls.
In this local area they call a fall "Taru"or "Daru" in Japanese, so Severn Falls is called "Nanadaru".

There is a Japanese style Ryokan "Amagisou" near this fall. And they have a big field of Onsen "Rotenburo" which anybody can take……

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Strawberry Farm in Minami Izu

060405strawberry000_1In spring, we, Japanese have many imagination about it, but one of them is "Strawberry".

In Izu peninsula there are some places where we can pick strawberrys to eat in a farm.

But the nearest place is Minami Izu, "South area of Izu", about 30 minutes by car from Shirahama.

We have ever been there for 2 times until now, I’m going to show you some pictures that I took there from my computer…..


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