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2010/04/22 Rain and cold in Shirahama

100422sea01"Why is it very cold today? It is already April!!"

My daughter said when she came back from the high school.

Yesterday it was sunny here in Shirahama, but it became rainy and windy today.

When I came back from Shimoda downtown I took this photo.

The strong wind brought the rain and I couldn't be outside for a long time to take this photo.

The weather forecast says it will be rainy tomorrow too.

When can we get a spring sunny day?

2010/04/21 Summer day in Japan

100421beach01The weather forecast said,

"It was 26 degrees in Tokyo, but was more than 30 degrees in Okinawa today."

In Shimoda it was very warm, but was not hot today actually.

We had very big waves here in Shirahama, but it was not good condition for surfing.

The waves were hitting the rock which has a Red gate "Torii" on top.


2010/04/14 Blue sky and blue sea

100414beach01It was very beautiful day today.

When I was cleaning up the guest rooms I could see a blue sea.

So I decided to go to the beach to take photos after shopping in Shimoda.

Yesterday we had a very strong west wind here in Shirahama, but it was very quiet on the beach today.

There were some people on the beach and they were looking the ships on the sea, and some of them got into the water.


2010/04/13 A Photo from Italy

100413itarianfamily01A few days ago our guests who came from Italy and stayed at Sakuraya sent us an e-mail with a photo.

They stayed here for 4 nights from March 29th.

First of all their 2 years old child was a little shy with us, and said "La~ la~!".

I think it means "Go away!".

However he was not shy after 4 nights at all and come to the kitchen to see us.

He was sooooo cute!

We are looking forward to meeting you and your family again in the future.

2010/04/01 Presents from American and German Family

100401souvenir01We had an american family who stayed at Sakuraya on March 30th.

They stayed for only 1 night but they were very glad to stay and gave us this present.

This is called "Toffee-Ettes Cake" made by See's in California.

Here is a story from their web site below.

"Irresistible bite-size pieces of rich Danish butter toffee with whole
almonds are smothered in See's creamy milk chocolate, then covered with
bits of toasted almonds. Keep a canister on hand for unexpected guests
or take one to the office."

Of course it was a first time for us to eat it, but it was very delicious and we enjoyed this flavor!

I show you next one….

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