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Pink Carptet of Kawazu Sakura in Shirahama

090220sakura01_3I went to Shirahama primary school with my son to pick my daughter up after school today.

This is a parking lot near the school.

When I picked my daughter up I found this and took some photos.

There are some Kawazu Sakura trees there.

We had a strong wind today and it made the cherry blossom brawn down on the parking lot.

My children were excited with it and running around this place.

In these days Kawazu Sakura trees have green leaves after blooming..

The best season for Sakura in this region will be finished soom.

Snorkeling in Shirahama in Winter

090208beach01_2"They don’t have good wave today."

This morning our guest who is surfer went to the beach to check the wave and said so.

It was sunny and very warm today I went to the beach with my children after finished to clean up the guest room.

My purpose was snorkeling.

I have been thinking I would like to dive in winter, but it had been very cold in these days and I couldn’t do it…….

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Le’s go to the beach!!

090206shirahama00_2Today my wife went to Shimoda downtown for shopping, so my son and I had been in our pension before noon.

However my son got tired of watching DVD and came to my room.

"Why don’t you go to the beach today?"

We decided to go to the beach by walking.

When we were going down the hill to get to the beach my son looked very happy because his back was dancing ……

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Shirahama beach in this morning

090202sunrise01_2It was very cold this morning.

I took this picture at 7:30 AM, the sun had alreaday rised up.
The island in orange light under the cloud is called "Toshima", one of Izu seven islands.

Last night the weather forcast said "It would be sunny tomorrow", but actually it was almost cloudy after noon and we couldn’t see any islands over the ocean.

We were lucky we could go to Shimoda cable car yesterday.

Sakura is fully blooming. – – Shimoda Ropeway (Cable Car)

090201ropeway000_2Today it was very beutiful day.

When I saw the ocean from our pension I could see Izu Oshima island clearly, so I desided to go to Mt. Nesugata-yama by Cable car with my wife and son.

It’s only 3 minutes by calbe car to get to the top from the cable car station near Izukyu Shimoda station.

As I was thinking we could get very beutiful senery from the top of mountain like this picture……..

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