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2013/03/30 Cycling on the river side in Minami Izu town

130330sakura04I went to Minami Izu town with my son to ride

Sakura trees on the riverside were fully blooming and we could
see the rape blossoms as well.

We rode bicycle to the beach on the
riverside and came back to the parking lot.

It was almost 2 hours, but
he was very excited and had a fun today.

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2013/03/14 Green leaves of Kawazu Sakura

130314sakura01We have very cold rain here in Shimoda this

The TV news said that they had first blooming of Sakura in
Fukuoka in Kyushu island, a southern part of Japan yesterday.

There are a
lot of kinds of Sakura in Japan, and the most famous and popular 'Someiyoshino' will start blooming from now.

I took this picture in our garden this

This kind of Sakura called 'Kawazu Sakura' is now going to
finish blooming, and this tree has already had fresh green leaves.

2013/03/13 New Old Type Car made in Japan!

130313figaro02Our customer who is from Germany
and lives in Tokyo came to Shirahama by this car and stayed for 2

This car was made by Nissan 20 years ago in Japan and it is
called 'Figaro', but it looks very new.

She went to Kawazu town and
Minami Izu town to see cherry blossoms by this car.

I drove this car for the first time this morning, but it was exciting!

It looks like a car in an old film.

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