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Hikari and Yuuki on the beach

061022hikariandyuuki01_1Today it was almost cloudy and we had sometimes a little rain in Shirahama.

As I had to go to Shirahama Tourist Information I took my children, Hikari and Yuuki, together.

There was nobody on the beach, even surfers, becase we did not have good waves today.

When I was in the office I heard a voice of Yuuki crying outside.

I asked my daughter and she said,

"Yuuki wants to get off the shoes. But I said No because it is rainning here today."

I sometimes take my children recently and my son plays on the beach, so he wanted to do it today too. …..

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Sawada Park Rotenburo- Outside Hot Spring in Dogashima

061017rotenburo01_1Today it was beautiful day, so I went to Nishi Izu with my son, Yuuki.

After 1 hours driving we could see the ocean and drove for 5 minutes we got to "Sawada Koen (Open-Air Spa)"
in Dogashima.

When we arrived there was nobody in a parking lot and I found a sign at the reception of this Onsen.
"Closed on every Tuesday" it said.

But I was not going to take a bath there because my son had a little cold today.

After parking my car we went up the steep steps to get to Onsen on the top of hill.

"Hey Yuuki, watch your step !!"   …..

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Blue sky in Shirahama

061008bluesky01_1Today it was very beautiful day too !!

There was no cloud in the blue sky and we could see Izu Oshima island clearly.

Actually I wanted to go to the beach to take a picture but didn’t do it because I had clean up the rooms today.

Some of our guests went to the beach to swim and read a book at the balcony outside.

When they came back from the beach I asked them about the water and they said,

"It was not cold and enough to swim !!"

How do you get to Shimoda from Tokyo, by train or by car ?

By train:

The best way would be taking Limited Express Train "Odoriko" by JR.
In this case you don’t need to transfer at any station, it means this
train goes to Simoda directly.
And you had better take the reasonable Free Pass "Odoriko Minami Izu
Free Kippu" for this train.
You can get the informations in detail in the following webpage.

The timetable for JR:

Please fill out the form as follows,
Start Point: Tokyo  Destination: Izukyu Shimoda

If you would like to take this pass you had better go to JR station to
book the seats as soon as possible.
The seats on the left side toward Shimoda in this train would be better
for you, because you will be able to get the ocean view from the left
side seats.

By car:

We have 2 ways to get to Shirahama from Tokyo by car.

Tomei Express way – Atsugi IC – Odawara – Atami – Ito – Kawazu – Shirahama

Tomei Express way – Numazu IC – Mishima – Shuzenji – Amagi mountain –
Kawazu – Shirahama

It takes about 3 hours, or 3 and half hours from Tokyo, if you don’t
have a traffic jam.

Anyway, before coming to Shimoda, please check the map of Sakuraya with
photos in the following webpage and bring it to find our Pension easily.

A beautiful sky after typhoon, Shirahama Beach !!

061007beach00_1I had been worrying about Typhoon one week ago, because we have many guest during these holidays.

But  it didn’t land to Japan fortunately this time at last.

In stead of typhoon we had a very beautiful day in Shirahama.
The blue sky and shinning sea, everything is excellent.

Besides we coudl see Izu Seven Islands clearly today !!

After cleaning up I went to the beach to take a picture with my chidlren. …..

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New Tatami Mats !!

061004tatami01_1The busy summer was finished at the end of last month, so Sakuraya is very quiet recently.

This autumn we decided to change Tatami Mats of Japanese style rooms.

We got the new Tatami Mats of Room 101 today.

The new Tatami Mats are really good smell, and we can be relaxed very much.

And as we changed the wall paper last spring this room seems like new room !

By the way, when I was taking pictures of this room my son, Yuuki, came into. …….

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