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2019/04/11 Shirahama Beach Today

It’s now 23:15. We have strong wind outside and it’s a little cold again tonight.

I went to the beach behind Shirahama shrine to take photos after I went to the post office in Shirahama.

It was cloudy in Shimoda today. The sea was rough this afternoon, even though we didn’t have strong wind.

2019/04/08 Shirahama Beach Today

I walked on the seaside road this late afternoon after 3 days.

We had rain this morning but it became cloudy and sunny after noon. The sea was rough all day long.

It’s now 22:00 and we have very cold wind outside. The weather forecast says it will be colder tomorrow.

2019/04/05 Low Tide and High Tide

I went to Shimoda for shopping at around noon and walked on the seaside road after that.

I took photos of the nearest beach Shirahama twice today, so you can make a comparison between low tide and high tide.

The color of the sea water is also different depending on the time.

2019/03/30 Shirahama Beach Today

There are a lot of violet flowers in our field and now they are fully blooming.

It had been cloudy since this morning, but the sun light came back after around 2:00 PM.

I walked on the seaside road this afternoon as usual. When I started walking I took some photos of the beach under the clouds, but I took them again with the sun light at the end of walking.

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