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2016/06/28 Snorkeling and Open-Air Bath at Akai-Hama Beach in Matsuzaki town

160626snorkeling01I went to Kumomi district in Matsuzaki town on the western side of Izu peninsula with my son on last Sunday.

map01I think it was the last chance to go to the beach for snorkeling with him before busy summer.

160626snorkeling12We enjoyed the open-air hot spring by the sea, but it was not good condition for snorkeling because of big waves and not clear water.





2013/08/02 Snorkeling at Ebisujima island in Shimoda

130802snorkeling07Last night and today we didn't have many
customers I went to Ebisujima island for snorkeling with my son this

Even my son is in summer holiday we can't go and travel
anywhere because of our job, so I decided to go for him.

Before we arrived at this island
it was cloudy but it became sunny after that.

There were some people who
were snorkeling with swim wear there, but my son put on the wet suit
because the north wind was a little cold for him.

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2012/10/05 Snorkeling at Futou Beach in Izu peninsula

121005futoubeach08My wife and I went to the west
side of Izu peninsula for snorkeling today.

On the west side of Izu there are many scenic points with strange rocks.

This beach has also big rocks on the sea and the caves.

As we had a little big wave and
the water was not so clear today, but I could found many kinds of fish there.

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Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan