Monthly Archives: January 2011

2011/01/30 Walking on the beach with my son

110130yuuki02 It was a little cold because of west wind, but good weather for walking.

This afternoon I went to the nearest beach Shirahama with my son.

There is Shirahama shrine on the north part of Shirahama beach, and there is a red gate of shrine called Torii in Japanese on the big rock.

We were able to see Izu seven islands clearly from the tip of this big rock.

2001/01/28 Hiking from Sakuraya to Mt. Takane & Rendaiji town

110128takane02 Today it was almost cloudy, but sometimes we were able to get sun shine.

I wanted to buy something at home improvement center called "Handy".

It is located at Rendaiji town in Shimoda on the oposit side of Shirahama, and we can go there through Mt. Takene.

It means, if I climb Mt. Takene and went down it I can go there.

So I decided to climb the mountain today.

From the top of Mt. Takane we can see the pacific ocean and Izu seven islands.

It takes about 1 hour from Sakuraya by walking.

2011/01/27 Mihogasaki cape in Shirahama, Shimoda

110127mihogasaki01 Today it was sunny and very warm here in Shimoda, so I went for walking.

I took this photo at the tip of Mihogasaki cape.

It takes about 20 minutes by walking from Sakuray.

As the air was very clear I was able to get the beautiful scenary with Izu seven islands on pacific ocean.

Of course we can see Shirahama beach on the other side.

This season it is very good for walking, because we can take good photos of the ocean and the naturre.

2011/01/21 Have you ever seen this?

110121cola01 Today I went to Izukyu-Shimoda station and walked around in the station building to find out something interesting.

This is called "Shizuoka-cola." made in Shizuoka, Japan!

The taste was almost Coka Cola, but it includes the flovor of Japanese green tea.

Why don't you try this?

You can find out it at the shop in the station building, but unfortunately it is not cold…. .


2011/01/20 Playing with my son, Yuuki, on the beach

110120yuuki01 I went to the kindergarten to pick my son up by walking this afternoon.

On the way to our home we went to the nearest beach "Shirahama" to play.

Today it was sunny again and the water was blue and gorgeous.

My son was excited with the waves on the beach.

After he will get into the primary school we will not be able to together after school like this.

I think I would be sad…… .

2011/01/19 Tropical sea in Shimoda – – Shirahama Chuo Beach

110119chuou01 I went to hospital for my wife at around noon, and while she was there I went to the beach to take photos.

Today it was sunny again, so the sea was so beautiful. It looks like a tropical beach in Okinawa or southern island.

This beach is called "Shirahama Chuo Kaigan", it takes about 30 minutes by walking from Pension Sakuraya. Of course there is a parking lot for free except busy season.

I want to go there for snorkeling after this cold winter.

2011/01/18 Influenza in Shimoda and Japan

110118sunrise00 This morning, as I woke up a little later than usual, I took my daughter to her school by car.

When I left my house the sun had just risen up on the horizon.

So I went to the beach behind Shirahama shrine to take photos.

By the way, now in Shimoda there are many people who got influenza after last weekend.

My daughter had already got it on last Friday or Saturday, so this had prevented her from going to school.

And my wife has had fever at last.

Are you going to visit Japan this winter?

Please be careful not to get influenza.

You should bring or buy a flu mask and wash your hands every time.