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2009/09/22 Didn’t you bring a swim wear?

090922beach02"Are you going to swim tomorrow?"

"No. But is it possible to swim here in this season?"

I asked our guests who checked-in yesterday, but they didn’t bring their swim wear.

The weather forecast said it would be cloudy today, but it became sunny and hot after 10:00 in the morning.

There were a lot of people on the beach today, because now we are in the national holidays in Japan.

2009/09/13 Sunday for swimming

090913beach01It was rainy all day long yesterday.

The guests who came from Germany changed their schedule and decided to stay longer.

"You are lucky" We can swim today!"

"Yes. We came to Shimoda for swimming, so we don’t want to say good bye without swimming.

There were many people on the beach today.

2009/09/07 Snorkering in Shimoda

090907ebisujima01"I want to play a snorkeling, but are there any good points nearby?"

"Well, there are some good points in Shimoda. But we don’t recommend you Shirahama beach because of the big waves and the north-west wind."

Our guest asked me this morning and I recommended them this island in Shimoda.

This is called "Ebisu-jima" in Japanese. It is located in Suzaki peninsula near Shimoda downtown…….

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