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2019/01/09 Walking to Sotoura Beach Looking over Izu Seven Islands

I walked to the point where we can see Sotoura beach this afternoon as usual.

Sotoura Beach located between Shirahama beach and the town of Shimoda is very popular with families with children because they don’t have big waves.

And Mihogasaki cape which is between Shirahama beach and Sotoura beach has great view of Izu seven islands and Amagi mountains.

2019/12/29 Snow on Oshima island & Tsumekizaki cape

It was very cold last night, so I thought that they might had snow on Izu Oshima island yesterday.

Actually they had a lot of snow on the top of the island this morning.

As our customers were going to Tsumekizaki cape after check out I took them there by my car because I had to go to Shimoda for shopping this morning.

A looooooot of narcissus flowers and Aloe flowers were bloomng under the blue sky.

2018/05/13 Making Soba Workshop in Shimoda

Our customers from France asked me to have making Soba (buckwheat noodle) experience before coming to Japan.

So I went to Kazono district in Shimoda with them for its workshop today.

It was the first time for me to make it, but I was really excited with them.

The handmade Soba was chewy and of course it was delicious!!

When they were making Soba they said that they would be going to buy rolling pin, Soba knife, Soba ball and everything to make Soba in Tokyo and take them to France!!

(Soba making teacher doesn’t speak English…..)