Monthly Archives: July 2014

2014/07/20 Thank you for staying!

140720family01They came from France and stayed at Pension Sakuraya for 2 nights.

Before coming to Shimoda they went to Kyoto, Hida-Takayama and many places.

When they checked in she told me that her colleague who stayed at Sakuraya last year recommended our Pension.
We are really appreciated to hear that!

But unfortunately it had been rainy during their stay and they could not go to the beach under the sun.

We are very sorry about that….

We hope you will be able to come to Japan and Shimoda under the sun in the future.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

14/07/14 Thank you for staying!

140714customers01They came from Switzerland and stayed at our Pension for 4 nights during their one month trip in Japan.

On the 1st day the typhoon was coming to Japan and it was cloudy here in Shimoda, but the weather became sunny and they had perfect days for the beach after the typhoon passed away.

After check out they went to Kyoto.

Have a nice trip in Japan!

Thank you very much for staying with us.