Monthly Archives: February 2018

2018/2/23 Yellow and Pink Flowers

We didn’t have strong wind today and was a little warmer than yesterday.

I found out yellow flowers on the beach Sotoura.

And Kawazu Sakura trees near the beach are now fully blooming.

I took a walk on the seaside and the mountain road for about 10,000 steps this afternoon.

That’s why I’m a little tired….

2018/02/09 Kawazu Sakura Tree in our Field

Kawazu sakura tree next to the entrance of Pension Sakuraya was almost fully blooming at the same time of the last year, but it’s blooming slower than usual this season because it has been very cold here in Japan.

When I was walking on the seaside road this late afternoon I saw there had been some life savers training on the beach.