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Koinobori for my son

070428koinobori01As it had been cloudy and sometimes rainny in these days we couldn’t do it.

But actually we could set up "Koinobori" at last yeseterday.

We, Japanese decorate Koinobori to pray that sons or grand sons grow up healty and strong.

According to the story of china, when the carp finishes climbing up the waterfall it become a dragon at the dragongate.
So Japanese parents hung Koinobori up in the sky for children rise up like a dragon in the future.

Anyway I am showing a picture of today’s beach…..

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The weather forcast makes ….

070425beac01_2… us happy, but sometimes unhappy.

When we have guests for our pension I always worry about the weather, because everybody want to play with sun, right ?

Actually the weather forcast says it will be sunny tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Excellent !!

This is a picture which I took in Shirahama last April.

Good Wave for Surfing in Shirahama !!

070421surfing01_2When I went to Shimoda for shopping I took pictures on the beach.

Since April 19th the surfing competition of Japan has been taking place in Shirahama.

Shirahama beach is very famous for the spot of surfing in Japan, so many competitions are taken place here every year.

On the 1st day, as they had a bad condition for surfing in Shirahama they moved to Tatado beach where they had better waves than Shirahama….

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Yes, today’s beach was gorgeous !!

070414beach01_2Last night the weather forcast said, "It will be alomost cloudy and sometimes rainny."

However today’s Shirahama had a very beautiful and gorgeous sea.

Don’t you think that it seemed like a beach in Okinawa ?

As it was very hot I put on only shirt at last.

Yes, I could already feel a summer would be coming.

Every GW a lot of people come to this beach to swim, but they will be able to do it this year too!!