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2012/08/21 Thank you for staying!

120821family01They came from France and stayed at Sakuraya for 2 nights.

This time they came to Japan for the 1st time to travel for 3 weeks.

They stayed in Tokyo for a week and in Kyoto for a week as well, and came to Shimoda.

During their stay it had been sunny and they could go to the beach every day.

After Shimoda they went to Shikinejima island by ferry from Shimoda harbor.

Thank you for staying with us.

2012/08/08 Thank you for staying!

120808couple01They came from the United States to Japan for the 1st time.

They booked by phone calling from Nara and stayed at Sakuraya for 2 nights.

During their stay they went to Tsumekizaki cape for snorkeling and walking, and went to Shimoda downtown on the 2nd day.

And they spent the last day at Shirahama beach for swimming.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

Please come and visit Japan someday again.


2012/08/07 Life Savers in Shirahama Beach

120807beach06After I finished cleaning up the guest rooms I went to the beach after 5 days.

It was almost sunny and very hot today here in Shimoda.

There were a lot of people on the beach. I wanted to get into the water~~~~~~~~!

Anyway, we can swim in the water safety, because the life savers watch us everyday.

Thank you for your effort and patience!

Click here to see the album of Shirahama Beach today.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan