Monthly Archives: November 2006

Altocumulus clouds and sunset in Shimoda

061129beach11_2Today it was very warm so my son, Yuuki, and I went to the beach.

After getting to "Shirahama Chuou Beach" which is next to Shirahama Ohama beach, we got into the beach and started to walk together.

When we were walking on the beach we found some branches of the tree and drew a big picture on the big cambus of the sand.

At that time my son found something in the sky …… .

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Small Green World – Water Drop on Aloe

061127aloe01_1How do you like this photo ?

I took this out of entrance of our Pension.

We had sometimes rain today, so that the leaves of aloe had the water drops.

When I saw this tree from a distance I couldn’t know that this tree had these water drops, but I was surprised very much and pleased with it.

This color, "Green" gives us a fresh feeling and makes us happy, right ? ……

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Happy Birthday, girls !!

061114birthdayparty02_1This month is our two daughter’s birthday and it is only 4 days  which is difference of their birthdays.

So their birthday party take place on same day in November when we can do it every year.

Tonight’s nemu are grilled lobster and fried chicken.
We usually serve this lobster for our guest’s dinner but we had never eaten it for our meals until now.
As my daughters recently say that they want to eat it, we cooked it for their birthday tonight.

Tonight’s menu were only these 2 dishes because they want to and have to eat a birthday cake after dinner !

Their birthday cake is …….


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Airplane and sky – Shirahama beach

061113family01_1Today a small music consert took place at Shirahama elementary school, so my wife, my son and I went to see it.

After that, when my wife went to "Family Mart" in front of the beach my son and I went to the beach.

We could see a family with small baby and they are taking a picture.

I guess that their baby is a first child, so everything is fresh for them with new baby.

When I was taking pictures my son said,

"Airplane, dad !!" ……

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Rainbow over the ocean – Shirahama beach

061112rainbow01_1Now I am writing this weblog at 11:30 in the night.
It is very cold outside, so I can not open the window tonight.

Today we had a strong wind from west and there were some ships in the sea.

Yes, this is a tipical scenery of winter in Shimoda.
That ship is staying in this area until the strong wind will stop.
Because they have very strong wind at the southmost area of Izu peninsula today and it would be 30 meters per minutes or more.

They can not go through this area because of its danger.

By the way, when my wife and I went to Shimoda we found the rainbow.

It was raining over that ocean, I guess, but in Shirahama ……..

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Foot Spa – Izukyu Shimoda train station

061108footspa01_1I went to Shimoda train station today.

I have ever been there a lot of times, but I have never show this.

This is Foot Spa in front of Shimoda station building.

This spa is free of charge and opened for 24 hours.
The capacity is about 4 people, so it is not big, I think.

If you go to Shimoda by train please try it once.

Besides I show you the view from this spa. …..

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