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2023/01/29 Thank you for staying.

They came with their 2 chidren from the United states and stayed for one night at our guest house.

They arrived in Japan one week ago and have 4 weeks more to travel in Japan including Kyushu island.

We were very happy to welcome them and had very good time with them.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

Take care and have a nice trip in Japan.

Bon Voyage!!

2022/11/18 Posing after a loooong time

2 days ago, when I saw the sea through the window of guest room it was beautiful, so I went to the beach to take photos.

In these days it has been very warm in the afternoon and the water is clear.

I’m posting these photos after about 2 months, because I had a heart attack in last September and had been in the hospital for a month.

After I left the hospital I was not able to walk for a long distance and was not able to go to the beach to take photos.

And now I can walk a little bit and drive a car, so I went to the beach 2 days ago.