Over that tunnel there is a paradise !!

060910beach01_1Today it was more beautiful day than yesterday !!

From this morning my children were very excited, because they could go to the beach today too.

My son, Yuuki went to the bed too late last night, so he was not fine this morning.
But I said, "Let’s go to the beach !!"
He became be really excited soon and went to the beach holding his hands with his grand father.

As I had a job this morning I went after my job was finished.

During summer we go to the beach through the buiding of  "Resupo Shirahama".

This morning I could see the beautiful scenery over this buiding. ….

060910beach02_1"What a beautiful beach isn’t it !"

Blue sky, white clouds, blue ocean and white sand !

I usually see this scenery of Shirahama but I was impressed with this very much this morning.

I could see Inatori Cape over there clearly….. .


"Is this beach is Okinawa ? or a paradise in a south island ?"

There was a couple taking a picture with surf board on the beach.

This is not a dream, we exactly have this beach in Izu peninsula !




We can have a really good time sitting on the beach.

Yes, we are very happy.

The people who came to this beach today were lucky.
Because we can not see this scenery many times during summer.

My daughter, Akari said,

"The water in the sea was shinning ! So excited, dad ! "