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2011/03/23 Niwa-Zakura – – Blackout in Izu Peninsula

110323sakura01 Today we had a blackout for the seconde time due to the electric power cut scheduled.

After the massive earthquake and nuclear accident TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) has been putting power cut into operation to save the electric power.

It was started at 6:20 PM this evening, and I went to the road on the seaside after that.

There were some cars running on the road, but it was pitch dark without the power.

As I had the strong wind by the sea it sometimes rocked my car.

The black out was finished at 7:50 PM.

Today's picture is what I took in our garden. This is called Niwa-Zakura in Japanese, and it means Sakura in garden. But it is a different kind of tree from Sakura.

It has been still a little bit cold in these days, but spring is coming little by little here in Shimoda.