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2019/08/01 Thank you for staying.

They came to Japan from Austria for the 1st time and stayed at Pension Sakuraya for 3 nights.

Before coming to Shimoda they went to Isigakijima island in Okinawa, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima.

And after that they went to Kawaguchi-ko lake to climb up Mt. Fuji.

Thank you for staying with us.

We hope you will come back to Japan again in the future!

2018/11/19 Aloe Field in Shirahama

As I found out that the aloe flowers had already started blooming this season I went to the aloe field in Shirahama this afternoon.

Today it was cloudy here in Shimoda, so I was not able to take good shots.

But if it was sunny, you would be able to see the beautiful scenery of the red flowers and the blue sea under the blue sky.